Parksville Interior Design

Evolve Interior Design wants to help you build your dream home in Parksville.

For Parksville residents, designing the perfect interior can be a time-consuming and challenging process. We know how exhausting the whole process really is – don’t lose your precious time trying to find the right contractors, choosing furniture, or coordinating all the trades people to make it work. You can trust the Parksville interior design professionals at Evolve Interior Design to deliver your dream home on time and on budget.

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These are the crucial aspects of every interior design project that we will cover

New Builds

Are you starting from scratch? We can manage all of the processes and details connected to a new build project. From contractors to installations, we can handle it.


Renovations can be invasive to your life if you’re living through them. We aim to make your life easier by coordinating the whole renovation project around your schedule.

Design Concept

Our interior professionals would be happy to design the whole concept for you. Whether you are looking for a modern, traditional, edgy, or nature-inspired home design, our designers can find a way to pull your vision together.

Do you want your home to feel airy, minimalistic, rustic, moody, or artistic? We combine colours, designs, and textures to bring your personal style into the space. As soon as you open your front door, you will know that this is the home that you’ve always wanted.

To get the most out of your project, we will work with you to allocate the budget for different aspects and phases of the design.

Space planning

Space planning can be a challenging project. Whether you have a small or big home, the Nanaimo interior design professionals at Evolve Design will effectively use every single inch of the space to get the most out of it. We will make the space functional and find the proper-sized furniture and installations for placement.

Millwork Drawings

Our millwork designs are based on the size of the space and your personal needs. As part of our services, we include precise drawings of the cabinetry and millwork details so we can plan the space effectively. Depending on the budget and style, we are able to work with both “box store” cabinet design and custom cabinetry.

Lighting Design

Proper lighting is crucial for your home. We will do a complete reflected ceiling plan to make sure that each room gets the needed amount of light. The plan will also contain other required items, such as smoke detectors, sprinklers, mechanical air diffusers, and vents.

Material + Finish Selection

The materials we choose will have the most influence over the feel of the space. We can help you find the perfect wall colours, create accent walls, as well asl choose the best tiles and surface to enhance the appearance of your home.

Construction + Specification Documents

Along with the creative work, home projects also require detailed specifications to ensure the project runs smoothly. Our documentation services included are:

  • Submitting permit applications
  • CAD drawings of demo plans, construction plans, millwork details,
  • RCP (lighting plans), elevations, furniture layouts
  • 3D Drawings for presentations
  • Specification document for the finishes and materials

Furniture + Custom Upholstery Selection

Once your space is functional, it’s time to furnish it! This process will make your house feel like the home you’ve been longing for. We will source furniture that matches your personal style and budget.

Accessories also add a finishing touch to the space. Our experienced designers will carefully consider each piece, to make sure they fit into the overall vibe of the space to bring warmth and coziness to your home.

Window Treatment Selection

Whether you prefer shades and blinds or curtains and drapes, we can source great options for you. Our interior design professionals will find the best choices of window treatment according to the feeling, style, and colours of the room.

Purchasing + Delivery of Materials

We take the stress out of the purchase and delivery of materials by covering the whole process, from start to finish, including:

  • Picking the right fixtures and finishes that match your budget
  • Completing the purchase process
  • Final delivery to your home

Project Coordination + Management

Are you feeling anxious about having to coordinate many people at the same time? Don’t worry, because we’ll handle it! Our design professionals will coordinate suppliers and trades for renovations, keeping them on track with the vision and goals of the project through to completion.