Nanaimo Kitchen Design

Evolve Interior Design aims to provide a hassle-free experience during kitchen remodeling!

When designing a kitchen we not only want to help make it functional for you, but also align with your personal style. We can you select cabinetry, hardware, plumbing & light fixtures and materials & finishes according to your aesthetic and vision.

We are here to help you with every phase of your new kitchen including planning, coordination, permitting and budgeting.

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These are the aspects of the kitchen design project that we cover

Design Concept

Our professionals will start with a concept board as a guide for the whole project. The design concept will outline the various options, including: colors, materials, accessories, lighting, and all other details that will define your kitchen.

We will work on the designing your vision, whether your style is traditional, warm, full of details, or more minimalist, modern with clean lines and bright colours. All you need to do is consult with our designers, and we will bring your ideal feeling into the space.

We will discuss the feasibility of various parts and allocate the budget wisely to achieve the best results for your home.

Space Planning

Space planning for a kitchen is critical, and it can be very challenging to do yourself because of the many requirements and installations that limit your freedom. Our skilled kitchen design professionals will plan the space very carefully and position elements in the most effective way to get the maximum use out of your new kitchen.

Millwork Drawings

Storage space is the secret to an amazing and tidy kitchen. We will make drawings of the cabinetry and millwork details to make sure that every single inch is used in the most effective way.

“Box store” cabinets and custom cabinetry are both available options, and our experienced team will find the best cabinets within your budget.

Lighting Design

We consider lighting to be a defining component of any great kitchen design. Without good lighting, cooking and food prep will be difficult, and you can’t set a great mood for your guests. Our design professionals will prepare a Reflected ceiling plan (RCP) for your project, which includes all of the objects on or inside the ceiling, like lighting, sprinklers, smoke detectors, and vents, among other elements.

Material + Finish Selection

The materials and finishes for your kitchen are arguably the most exciting part of any kitchen design project. With so many amazing tile and countertop options available, we can make a great visual impact that you’ll love. Countertops can be made of wood, stone, or metal, depending on your overall vibe and practicality. The Nanaimo kitchen design professionals at Evolve Design will pick the best combination of materials and finishes to make your kitchen pop.

Construction + Specification Documents

Along with the creative work, kitchen design projects also require detailed specifications to ensure the project runs smoothly. Our documentation services included are:

  • Submitting permit applications
  • CAD drawings of demo plans, construction plans, millwork details,
  • RCP (lighting plans), elevations, furniture layouts
  • 3D Drawings for presentations
  • Specification document for the finishes and materials

Purchasing + Delivery of Materials

We take the stress out of the purchase and delivery of materials by covering the whole process, from start to finish, including:

  • Searching for reputable shops
  • Picking the materials according to the design concept
  • Finishing the purchase process
  • Delivering the goods to your home

Project Coordination + Management

Are you feeling anxious about having to coordinate many people at the same time? Don’t worry, because we’ll handle it! Our design professionals will coordinate suppliers and trades for renovations, keeping them on track with the vision and goals of the project through to completion.