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Evolve Interior Design Ltd. is a small interior design firm with an approachable style. We are passionate about creating homes that express who you are and to enrich and inspire our client’s daily life. Every one of our clients is unique, we want your home to be a cohesive space that reflects your taste and style. Your homes design will be carefully developed with budget and timeline in mind. You can rely on our expert eye to see the project through from concept to completion.

We want to be approachable to a wide demographic of clients. We continue to apply and further develop a process that feels honest and transparent for our clients from start to finish as the client experience is important in building a reputable company. Every Client is different, and we want to provide the best service for each individual.


Building an authentic and creative team with a shared vision is important. Providing leadership to our clients and employees is critical in order to guide multiple projects and a driven team with a bottom-up approach.

Principal Designer

Lianna Armstrong, the visionary behind Evolve Interior Design, stands as its founder and unflinching leader. The “fearless” descriptor holds true, as she expertly steered Evolve Designs in Vancouver for an impressive 15 years before returning to her hometown of Nanaimo to write a new chapter in both her life and business.

A seasoned interior designer with a stellar track record, Lianna boasts multiple distinctions – listed below – showcasing her commitment to excellence. However, her most cherished title is that of Dog Mom to the ever-lovable Buddy and Winnie.

Beyond steering the helm of the company, you’ll often find Lianna going for long walks with her furry companions or orchestrating culinary masterpieces. In every aspect of her life, Lianna seamlessly blends passion, professionalism, and a touch of canine companionship.


  • 2015 – DXV by American Standard Design Competition Winner
  • 2014 – NKBA Ambassadors Club
  • 2014 – Best Beyond the Kitchen & Bath, NKBA BC Chapter
  • 2014 – Honorable Mention, HGTV’s Fresh Faces of Design
  • 2013 – Urban Barn’s Next Top Designer – Finalist
  • 2012 – Rookie of the Year, Vancouver Home + Design Show

Interior Designer

Meet Sydney Stannard, our resident interior design virtuoso and rendering maestro. A graduate of the interior design program at Vancouver Island University in 2023, she seamlessly transitioned from academia to the bustling world of Evolve. From day one, Sydney has been channeling her creativity into crafting stunning and practical spaces that captivate our clients’ visions.

Beyond the studio walls, Sydney is an adventurer at heart, often exploring Nanaimo’s hidden gems on quad rides through the backwoods. Off-duty, she embraces the joys of family, spending quality time cuddling with her seven nieces and nephews. Sydney effortlessly weaves her passion for design with a zest for life, bringing a unique and dynamic energy to both her professional and personal pursuits.

Project Coordinator / Office Administrator

Rebecca Cameron’s passion for interior design has been a lifelong affair. With over a decade of experience in sales and marketing, she seamlessly integrates her expertise into the Evolve team. Dial our office number, and you’ll soon discover that Rebecca is the orchestrator behind the phone calls, emails, and meticulous spreadsheets that keep everything running smoothly.

Outside the realm of Evolve, Rebecca is a connoisseur of thrifting adventures, always on the lookout for the next unique treasure. At home, she assumes the cherished role of the favorite lap for her two cuddly cats. In every aspect of her professional and personal life, Rebecca effortlessly blends her love for design with a keen eye for detail and a touch of charm.

Architectural Designer

David Domoslai is an Architectural Designer with 14 years of experience. He works alongside us at Evolve Interior Design to provide functional and thoughtful permit plans for renovations, new builds, carriage homes, legal suites, additions, decks and more.

Office Dogs

Enter our dynamic duo of office companions – Buddy, the distinguished gentleman in white, and Winnie, the lady with a perpetual smile, tongue-out style. Their friendliness is unmatched; Buddy brings the charm with his bark, while Winnie adds sweetness with her enthusiastic licks. While their presence may slow down the pace of work, the morale experiences an exponential boost every time they step into the office. We owe a part of our success to these furry morale-boosters – without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

What Our Clients Say

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