A Few Things on Hiring an Interior Designer

You may be planning a renovation or building a new home or maybe you just need a little something, something to spruce up your room, and you are wondering if you need to hire a designer.
Here are some facts and tips (I don’t like to beat around the bush)


–       Projects big and small need planning, no question.

–       Contractors are not designers and should never be asked to act as such. Most prefer to stay out of this process. After all, it keeps them away from getting the actual work done.

–       Building Codes and Product Requirements are an integral part of planning a space. If you don’t know what these are, you need a designer. After all, this is your health and safety in your home we are talking about.

–       I know, I know designers are expensive and you want to save money but mistakes are costly, as is poor planning and unsatisfactory results (waste of money).

–       A designer will save you time, money and in the long run simplify your life. Face it, you are busy and the last thing you want to do on the weekend is hang out at your local hardware store or tile shop.

–       A good designer will listen to your needs, wants, and hear your vision and then do their best to marry them together, hopefully with a splash of the unexpected.

–       Budget is not a swear word or a secret best kept under tight lips. It needs to be discussed in the initial visit. Professional designers work with all shapes and sizes of budgets. Just be realistic.

–       Be prepared to spend 20% of said budget on design fees.

–       You don’t negotiate with your dentist or mechanic, do you? So please no negotiating your designer’s fees. Designers are willing to work within your budget.

–       Some Designers have specialized fields. Pick one that suites your project requirements. Kitchen & Bath, New Construction, Decorating/Styling, Commercial & Hospitality.

–       Hire a designer you like. You will be spending far more time with them then you think.

–       Designers have access to trade only suppliers. You are guaranteed to get higher quality products for your hard earned money.

–       There will be delays, things will show up wrong or damaged, sometimes they will get ordered wrong; be prepared for this.

–       Do your research on designers, contractors, trades,  your style and average costs for your project.

–       And once you have found your designer – trust them. But be honest. Decisions made quickly and efficiently save you money.


And for the armchair renovators out there… you know who you are…. TV shows are scripted, edited and surprise, they are also sponsored. Don’t get me wrong they are great for inspiration and ideas, but please talk to a local professional about real time projects and budgets before making your budget decisions.